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Hey, it’s going to be ok, Ducks fans

“Breathe. Just...breathe” - Luke (Skywalker in The Last Jedi [which was a great film])

Look, I get it, seeing your team lose (especially after squandering multi-goal leads) is never fun nor an easy pill to swallow. Well, after seeing some posts/comments from Ducks fans and bloggers out in the Ducksverse already calling for coach Dallas Eakins head, I’m simply here to tell yous to pump yer brakes. I know, I far in the month of November, the Ducks are 3-5-4 where they currently find themselves at .500 with a record of 11-11-4. Today is Thanksgiving, many analysts and pundits see where teams are at and determine who are promising, who are middle-of-the-road, and who should maybe start thinking of next season (although that’s more thoroughly analyzed at All-Star Break).