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5 Players the Anaheim Ducks Should Target in Preparation for a Retool

Saying the Anaheim Ducks had significant struggles last season is an understatement. Be that as it may, General Manager Bob Murray was adamant the Ducks are not in need of a rebuild, but a retooling. After GMBM took over the reins as Head Coach, thus famously becoming GMHCBM, several promising rookies and previously missing-in-action veterans prompted skeptics to believe his assertion.

There’s little doubt several Ducks will be morphed into different creatures or acts of nature via trade, buy-out, waivers, etc. In addition, GMBM will be tasked with making several additions to the current roster in hopes of legitimizing Anaheim’s chances of contending during Ryan Getlzaf’s finals years as a number 1 center.