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Mefferd: J.D. Greear was ‘Beta Male’ and ‘embarrassing’ during event with anti-Israel Imam

Janet Mefferd blasted SBC President J.D. Greear during an appearance on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Wednesday. Mefferd compared the Beta Male, apologetic performance of Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear to the Alpha Male performance of Omar Suleiman—an allegedly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Imam.

Greear appeared on stage during an interfaith dialogue with an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Imam last Thursday evening at North Carolina State University. And Mefferd wasn’t impressed with Greear.

“It was embarrassing,” Mefferd said. “I would say that as a Christian, it was embarrassing to see Christian representation where J.D. Greear was basically falling all over himself to apologize for Christians and do nothing to confront what Sharia Ideology is around the world for our brothers and sisters in Christ.