Top 5 Places To Watch March Madness At Alabama

Written by Amanda Samford:

While the Crimson Tide does not frequent the NCAA basketball tournament, the students at the University of Alabama would never give up an opportunity to flex the competitive muscles that have been aching since the end of football season. March Madness provides the perfect opportunity to challenge fellow students with winning brackets and have a pretty decent time while doing it. Here are 5 of the best Tuscaloosa institutions to forget that there are no Crimson jerseys to root for in the tournament this year:

5) Harry's Bar: 1330 Hargrove Rd

Open M-Sa 2pm-2am, Su 2pm-9pm

If you have a plan to spend an entire day enjoying drinks and watching basketball, Harry's impressive drink specials like $0.10 Natural Lights and $0.50 wells will provide the perfect place to spend hours rearranging your bracket on a college budget. 

4) Innisfree Irish Pub: 1925 University Blvd

Open M-Th 11am-1:45am, F 11am-2:45am, Sa 12pm-1:45am

Innisfree's large outdoor bar and patio will allow you to work on you pre-summer tan and watch the tourney (so you don't actually look like you've spent an insane amount of time watching basketball come May). You really don't need an excuse to go to "the free" and get a Sabanade and an order of cheese fries, but you probably do need one to skip a few classes for the sake of the "madness."

3) Buffalo Phil's: 1149 University Blvd

Open 11am-11pm

This restaurant holds such a special place in all Alabama students' hearts because they accept dining dollars, our form of meal plan, so what better place to settle in for 15 hours.... in the same place... In the same clothes....  I mean at least your not spending "real" money, right? 

2) The Houndstooth: 1300 University Blvd

Open 4pm-2am

The Houndstooth is overflowing on any given Fall Saturday in Tuscaloosa, as it is a favorite of all Tide fans. It was also named "#1 College Sports Bar" by Sports Illustrated.  With its massive outdoor patio complete with flat screens and expansive indoor bar, this comes as no surprise. Its proximity to campus also makes it the perfect break from the library when "studying for finals" (checking scores on your phone).

1) Fraternity Houses:

There's no other details needed here, because a preference is not necessary. The Greek life at Alabama is unrivaled and every single one of 20+ houses on campus will have loud music in the band room and upset alerts in the living room. You may have to bring your own food and drink, but there is really no better setting to watch all of the tournament than atop a couch of questionable cleanliness surrounded by your fellow students, even if you could potentially lose next months rent to 50% of the room.

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