The Greatest BCS Scenario of All Time

The BCS standings have been released and Alabama appears to be the first alternate in this Miss America pageant better known as the BCS.

Should Miss LSU or Miss Oklahoma State be unable to perform her duties, Miss Alabama will be asked to board a plane and be in Atlanta and/or New Orleans in a moment's notice.

Let's look at even more scenarios where Alabama could find themselves packing their bags for Atlanta and/or New Orleans to play for an SEC and/or BCS Championship.

Here's a look at the BCS standings for your reference and calculation needs.

1. LSU (.9933) -- @ Ole Miss (Nov 19), Arkansas (Nov 25)

2. Oklahoma State (.9642) -- @ Iowa State (Nov 18), Oklahoma (Dec 3)

3. Alabama (.9099) -- Georgia Southern (Nov 19), @ Auburn (Nov 26)

4. Oregon (.8755) -- USC (Nov 19), Oregon State (Nov 26)

5. Oklahoma (.8400) -- @ Baylor (Nov 19), Iowa State (Nov 26), Oklahoma State (Dec 3)

6. Arkansas (.7974) -- Mississippi State (in Little Rock -- Nov 19), @ LSU (Nov 25)

Scenario 1 -- Games through Nov 26th

1. LSU beats Ole Miss and loses to Arkansas -- (11-1, 7-1 SEC West)

2. Oklahoma State beats Iowa State (Undefeated with one game to play)

3. Alabama beats Georgia Southern and Auburn -- (11-1, 7-1 SEC West)

4. Oregon beats USC, Oregon State (One loss with Pac-12 Championship Game to play)

5. Oklahoma beats Baylor, Iowa State (One loss with one game to play)

6. Arkansas beats Mississippi State and LSU (11-1, 7-1 SEC West)

[caption id="attachment_281" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Bee See Ess"][/caption]

So here we are with the top six teams with one loss.  As far as Alabama is concerned, there is a possibility that they will represent the SEC West in the Georgia Dome after Arkansas's win over LSU.  Since LSU was No. 1 at the time of the loss, we have to figure how far Alabama will move up, how far LSU falls, and how high Arkansas climbs.

Based on the BCS points for each team as of November 14, it's hard to imagine LSU falling below both Alabama and Arkansas.  However, LSU's point total will not be as dominant without the consensus No. 1 votes they are receiving as of this week's poll.  Don't forget that LSU and Arkansas play on a Friday.  If LSU loses, it's on the brain of the voters for 24 full hours before Alabama ever takes the field versus Auburn.  The 'Tide will have every opportunity to put on a show for the voters.

Having the stage to prove yourself with a blowout win usually ends bad for the team trying to get style points. While said team tries to perform for the voters they look up and find themselves in a one-possession game in the fourth quarter.

With all that said, it would appear that Alabama would move to No. 2.  Here's where it gets hairy.  How do you rank Alabama ahead of LSU when LSU defeated Alabama earlier in the season? How do you rank LSU ahead of Arkansas when they just lost to them that same weekend?

When the Sunday after Thanksgiving arrives, the BCS shakes the earth and reveals that the Hogs have jumped Oklahoma and Oregon to occupy the No. 3 ranking.  Alabama moves up to No. 2 and LSU falls to No. 4.  The SEC fatigue argument appears to be a non-issue.

Alabama finds itself preparing for a Georgia team that has found a defensive identity to go along with its very efficient offense.  Georgia's toughest SEC West opponent was Auburn.  The other West opponent was Ole Miss.  Alabama will be a two-touchdown favorite.

We now transition into Scenario 1.5.

Alabama fans barely take time to celebrate the SEC Championship before they are filing out of the Georgia Dome to plant their hind parts in front of a television to catch the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game.

Oklahoma wins by 10 and now LSU, Arkansas, Oregon -- who won the Pac-12 over a .500 team on Friday night -- and Oklahoma begin posturing for the No. 2 position.

Les Miles makes the best argument for LSU at one minute 'till midnight that can only be compared to Tim Tebow's Promise Speech.

"You know? Ummmm.  Ahhhh.  My men play football and they will play it sincerely indoors or out.  But the last time I checked my Google Earth, the New Orleans Super Dome was an indoor facility.  The dome keeps a roof over the head of many who sit or play on the field.  We would feel appreciation for the protection that domed gladiator arena would provide.  It is my clear intent... that... as a coach... we play good football... We beat Alabama as the number one team in the country in Tuscaloosa, we'd like the opportunity to beat them as the number two team in the land of the free... **SINGING** and the hoooooooome of thuuuuhhhhhhhhhh buh raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave."

With vibrato in his voice, Les Miles just closed the greatest speech -- in song.  Moments later, the BCS requests ESPN go live at six minutes past midnight so they can make their selection for the BCS Championship Game right then and there.

[caption id="attachment_282" align="alignright" width="300" caption="This man sings his way all the way to the BCS Championship game in New Orleans"][/caption]

LSU and Alabama take some wild roads to get there, but at 10 minutes past midnight on December 4th, Rece Davis announces that the rematch is set. No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 LSU will play again for the heavyweight championship of the world.

The only thing that could make this scenario better is that the rematch once again goes into overtime, but this time Alabama wins by a field goal.  As LSU walks off the field, Nick Saban gets on the stage and invites Les Miles -- who sang the national anthem -- and his LSU Tigers to the stage to celebrate with the 'Tide.

Saban explains to John Saunders, "If there's ever been a time to share this crystal thing, aight, it's now.  Les, come on up here and hold this ball with me."

Les Miles giggles at Saban's last sentence and heads up to the stage.

The record book will show Alabama as the 2011 BCS Champions, but this will always be considered the first split BCS Championship in history.

"This is a sincere ball," says Miles as Saban laughs and pats Les on the back.  Both teams erupt into uncontrollable laughter and high five one another.  John Saunders just stands, smiles, and shakes his head.

The picture fades to black and we all find out what CBS gave up to ESPN in exchange to show the November 5th LSU-Alabama game in prime time.

Cue One Shining Moment.

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