Cleveland Browns Rumors: Will Nick Saban Leave Alabama After Title Game?

Updated 12/11/12 12:50pm ET

The Nick Saban to Cleveland Browns rumors are certainly starting to heat up. In a recent reports if Nick Saban is going to return to the NFL in the near future, it will be with the Cleveland Browns.

While Nick Saban did have a quick stint in the NFL with the Dolphins, going 15-17, Saban's interest in returing to the NFL stems from the chance to work with Michael Lombardi who is considered a potential new GM.

If the Browns do land Lombardi, there is a decent chance that Saban will leave Alabama for the Browns.  Saban has made it very apparent that if he does leave for the NFL it would likely be with Lombardi playing Pioli to his Belichick. Saban worked with Belichick for a few years with the Browns and obviously looks up to him.

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Additionally, if Saban wins his 4th National Title is January, this would be a great opportunity for him to go back to the NFL and prove that he can be a dominate coach on all levels. If he can turn the Browns around and make them a winning franchise, he will cement himself as one of the greatest coaches in football history.

That being said there is a decent chance that Saban will leave for the NFL. He might not be excited about the cold weather or the terrible shape the Browns franchise is in, but he most certainly has something to prove in the pros.


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