CHOOT 'EM CHOOT 'EM - 'Bama (Yellow) Hammers the Gators

If you are a Florida Gator fan and you DVR'd tonight's Alabama-Florida game, I would suggest accepting this spoiler alert and watching a movie on TBS. Maybe catch up on The Office episode you missed on Thursday.

Alabama destroyed Florida 38-10 in front of a boisterous then empty Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.  Florida scored on the first play of the game from 65 yards out when quarterback John Brantley connected with Andre Debose. Alabama then used the game

[caption id="attachment_54" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Willie and Saban love to choot Gatuhs"][/caption]

plan where they decided to outscore the Gators 38-3.


Trent Richardson may be pretty good for the 'Tide before his time at the Capstone is complete.  You should YouTube him sometime and check out his highlights.  He's going to make a name for himself soon.

Sarcasm is fun after a 28-point victory.

'Bama fans (like me) were up in arms Labor Day weekend when Trent racked up nearly 40 yards rushing against Kent State.  Tonight our arms were up in victory formation.  29 carries for 181 yards and 2 touchdowns against Florida's vaunted defense is another notch in a very crunked up belt around Richardson's waist.

The offensive line was amazing. Richardson was given plenty of opportunity to showcase his greatness because of the line's dominance.  Chance Warmack's performance will probably be used as an instructional video for every offensive linemen that will ever play the game in the future.  Probably forever.  And ever.  Amen.

The 6-3, 320 junior left guard out of Atlanta could have moved mountains backward five yards tonight, but he had to settle for defensive linemen in Florida uniforms. I swear I heard Trent giggle every time he saw the "65" of Warmack's jersey in front of him.

Like, hee-hee giggle.

To show that I have class, I will stop rubbing in tonight's final score of 38-10.  I'd rather discuss the previous two games as well.

Alabama got a switch off the tree and whipped Florida's bare leg 32-13 in the 2009 SEC Championship game in Atlanta.  Nick Saban then used his experience as a Louisiana resident in 2010 and decided to "choot dem gatuhs" 31-6 in Tuscaloosa.

In the past three games, Alabama has outscored the Gators 101-29.  To give you an idea of how bad that is - I used the calculator on my phone to figure Alabama's total. I figured up Florida's totals in my head really quick.

If it's any consolation, Florida head coach Will Muscham did appear to keep the F-bomb battle with Nick Saban close.  The over/under was 12 and it appeared that we reached that number just prior to kickoff.

Where does Alabama go from here?  In previous writings - that I can provide to you as proof if need be - I predicted an Alabama-LSU BCS Championship Game.  With the season moving in it's current direction, don't be surprised if the November 5th battle in Tuscaloosa is the first of two meetings.

Don't be surprised if both defenses are outlawed in at least 10 states before the season is over for that matter.

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