Best Radio Rant Ever? Phyllis From Alabama Is Back With A Vengeance

If you don't listen to the Finebaum show, you're missing out on one of our nation's most entertaining sports commentators.

That wouldn't be Finebaum - he's okay, we guess - it's one of his most frequent callers, Phyllis from Mulga, AL.

Phyllis loves Alabama football more than some people love their immediate family. She frequently calls in to defend her Crimson Tide and call out anyone doubting them - in this case, Finebaum's ESPN radio colleague, Colin Cowherd.

This isn't Cowherd's first strike as far as Phyllis is concerned (she had some choice words for him last year after comments about the Iron Bowl), and she's fed up with him hating on Nick Saban and the Tide:

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