Auburn Fans Are Taking Rashaan Evans' Snub About As Well As You'd Expect


Rashaan Evans, as most of you probably know, is a five-star recruit from Auburn High who committed to the Crimson Tide over his hometown team. According to, Auburn fans reacted with maturity and class, commending Evans for his...wait, what's that? They did the exact opposite?

“Someone actually put out an article about my family’s business telling all Auburn fans not to go there. We are going to eventually start losing money. People are telling restaurants in the town not to serve us.

“It’s hard for me to go out and chill with my friends like I have always done because people keep coming up to me telling me I made a bad decision. It’s grown men. They are asking me why I did this to them. I told them I had to do what is best for me.

… people are going to the board at my school trying to get me in trouble. They are telling my teachers I am a bad kid and all this stuff.

“Social media has definitely been the worst. People on Instagram are telling me how they hope I tear my ACL in game one. They will laugh when I do. They are saying my family is horrible and how they didn’t raise me right. It’s just crazy.”



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