Alabama's 3 Most Likely Playoff Opponents

**UPDATE: Alabama will face Ohio State in the first round of the College Football Playoff in the Sugar Bowl**

Alabama clinched a playoff berth with their win over Missouri in the SEC Championship Game, and will likely be the top seed. They'll be headed to the Sugar Bowl as part of the College Football Playoff, so who are they most likely to face once they get there?


The Horned Frogs are ranked No. 3, meaning a matchup with the Tide is possible if Alabama were to drop to No. 2 or if TCU gets jumped and falls to No. 4. TCU's explosive offense would test Alabama's relatively weak secondary, and their front seven would challenge the Tide's rushing attack. This would be a great matchup, but one that doesn't seem likely.


Baylor has a chance to jump into the playoff if they can beat Kansas State since they own the head-to-head tiebreaker over TCU. They would probably be seeded No. 4 and get to face the Tide in the first round. The Bears' dynamic passing attack would also test Alabama's secondary, but their inconsistent defense would likely lead to this game becoming a shootout.

Florida State

The Seminoles currently sit at No. 4 in the country according to the committee, and they could very well stay there after the ACC Championship Game. TCU - or whoever could jump them - will probably finish No. 3, since the selection committee has shown that they aren't very impressed with FSU's close wins. The defending national champions are an all-around team that would test Alabama in what would be a heavyweight fight.

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