Alabama vs. Ole Miss Gameday - Quarter-By-Quarter Prediction

Alabama and Ole Miss will kick off in just over four hours on ESPN2 so what better way to pass the time than bring back the quarter-by-quarter prediction.

Let's not waste anymore time and get to the predictions.

1st Quarter

Alabama and Ole Miss are surprisingly equal in speed until everyone realizes we are just watching the two teams run out of the tunnel.  Nick Saban and Houston Nutt have good jogging posture.  Nutt says giggity and we are underway.

[caption id="attachment_154" align="alignright" width="202" caption=""Aaaaaaaaaaaah Veeeeeeey.... Maaaaaaaahhhh Reeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeee Uuuhhhhhhhhh..." "][/caption]

The game is even at kick off.  Then the 'Tide offense comes onto the field.  "BOOOOOOOOM," says the Ole Miss crowd as the defense stuffs 'Bama running back Trent Richardson for the 3-yard loss on the game's first play.  "AWWWWWWWWWE," the crowd sighs as receiver Marquis Maze takes a slip screen pass 83 yards on the second play of the game and Alabama leads 7-0 with 13:49 to play in the first quarter.

A pick-6 and a long drive ending in a field goal for Alabama gives the 'Tide a 17-0 lead at the end of one.

2nd Quarter

Rebels backup sophomore running back Jeff Scott takes a handoff from his own 2-yard line and runs it all the way out to his own 4-yard line to start the second quarter and Nick Saban is fuming.  He appears to be saying something about fire trucks, fudge, and Fig Newtons. Can't make it out, but he is obviously not pleased with the defense's allowance of two yards rushing on one play.

After the fans are nearly put to sleep by both offenses in the second quarter, Alabama's Marquis Maze wakes up the Alabama section when he gets his second punt return for a touchdown of the season with 4:36 to play in the half.

The 'Tide "D" holds strong and preserves the first half shutout.

Halftime Score -- Alabama 24 Ole Miss 0

Dale Murphy leads the Million Dollar Band as the field commander during the halftime show.  Per chance to dream.

3rd Quarter

The Crimson Tide defense takes over right where they left off in the first half and gets a three-and-out to force a Rebel punt.  Starting at midfield, Trent Richardson and the Alabama O-line dominate on a 8-play drive that ends on a 1-yard Richardson touchdown run to give the 'Tide the 31-0 third quarter lead with 7:14 remaining.

The third quarter ends with Richardson, McCarron, and other offensive starters getting pulled to make room for Phillip Sims, Eddie Lacey, Jalston Fowler, Blake Sims, and others to finish out the fourth and get some significant playing time.

4th Quarter

Phillip Sims looks like a different quarterback than he did in the opening game versus Kent State.  Yes, it's against the Rebels' defeated defense, but you can see the difference in confidence and understanding of the offense. His third down throws are accurate and go for first downs.  Again, it's not lost on the coaching staff and fans that he looks good against a subpar defense, but Sims is a freshman. Compared to the deer-in-the-headlights look he had in the Kent State game, his performance gives 'Bama fans comfort knowing that Sims, too, will be a reliable quarterback for the 'Tide.

Ole Miss picks up a Jalston Fowler fumble inside Alabama territory and puts a field goal on the board to make the score 31-3 with 9:32 to play.

'Bama puts one more touchdown on the board when Blake Sims gets in the end zone on a 24-yard touchdown run with 4:56 to play in the game.

Final Score -- Alabama 38 Ole Miss 3

Nick Saban screams at three reporters that mention LSU in the post-game press conference.  He then laughs and says, "Nah. Just kidding. We've actually been working on them for the past six weeks."

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