9 Reasons Why Alabama Football Will Always Be Better Than Auburn Football

Why stop at 9? Because we don't wanna keep you here all week. This is a fun look at why Alabama is just...better:

1) Because orange never looks good on anyone


2) Owning the best conference in the country

Alabama has 25 SEC titles. Tennessee is in second place all time, and they have 13. Auburn has three.

3) Got a second? Yeah, our second was in 1926, and we’ve had 14 more since then

4) More national championships than anyone else

Alabama claims 16 national champions, five more than any other FBS school can claim (Notre Dame, USC claim 11). For you people who have questions about how legitimate a "claimed" national championship is, Alabama has 11 titles since the AP Poll was introduced in 1931. Notre Dame is in second with eight. Auburn is WAY down the list.

5) We rely on talent, not miracles to win football games

6) We know how to spell


7. 'Roll Tide' sounds way better than 'War Eagle'

8. Bryant-Denny holds 101,821. Jordan-Hare? Only 87,451


9) Alabama leads Iron Bowl 44–35–1

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