1959 and 1977 -- Deja Vu All Over Again?

Down three and made big play to get late win in defensive struggle.

Happened early November/Late October

Rematch took place in New Orleans -- Sugar Bowl -- did not go well.  Lost 21-0, but LSU was missing three key players -- quarterback Warren Rabb, and halfbacks Wendell Harris and Johnny Robinson.

No. 1 LSU vs No. 3 Ole Miss first game.  No. 3 LSU vs. No. 2 LSU in rematch.

LSU did have one loss. No. 13 Tennessee won 14-13 the week following the classic Billy Cannon run -- Luckily for the Tigers, Georgia dropped from N0. 13 to No. 14 in the latest BCS standings.  It could have gotten scary if Georgia stayed ranked at unlucky 13.

LSU has never played 12 games and been undefeated at the end of those dozen battles. Obviously, the Tigers have never finished a season undefeated and it's possible that even with the dominating season they've accomplished thus far through 12 games in '11 that it could all be for naught if they lose to Alabama on January 9.   ****CLEAN UP*****

The word "past" really has never existed in southern college football. Heck, it's really never existed in the South. Period.  Sixty years ago to someone in the South might as well have been yesterday. If it ever happened, it's real and it's now. Whether it happened in their lifetime or not.

Don't believe me?  Google Civil War reenactments.  Ask an LSU fan old enough to remember 1958. Ask a 'Bama fan old enough to remember -- at your own risk -- about 1977.

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