10 Adorable Videos of Little Kids Saying Roll Tide

After reading our article 'The 9 Ways You Know You Went To Alabama', one fan sent us a video of their toddler yelling "ROLL TIDE" at the top of his lungs. We instantly knew what we had to do, and we're excited to present these 10 Adorable Videos of Kids Saying Roll Tide.

1. Adorable little girl saying "Roll Tide Roll."

2. Children just seem to know the Tide are better.

3. Roll Tide.

4. This dog knows - Roll Tide.

5. Roll Roll Roll Tide.

6. The long Roll Tide.

7. Bama Shakers.

8. Go Bama - Auburn Stinks!

9. Roll Tide Roll Tide!

10. And finally, who doesn't love/want to adopt puppies dressed as Big Al?

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