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There are over 222 million Americans who are sports fans. Over 700 million people worldwide watched the 2010 World Cup final match between the Netherlands and Spain. More people tweeted about the 2012 Super Bowl than any single event in Twitter’s history. These sports fans live and breathe on the successes of their favorite teams…even if they are currently living thousands of miles away from the team’s home city.

I grew up in Ohio, moved to Las Vegas after college and later to Washington DC. Being a fan of non-local teams, it was becoming extremely difficult to keep up with the latest news and highlights of my favorites teams, and even harder to share and debate with friends.

My high school friend John Kobs, who is CEO of ApartmentList.com, and I spent countless hours complaining about the pains of being a displaced sports fan, living away from our hometown’s and having busy work schedules, which made it difficult to keep up our favorite teams. Knowing that millions of people faced the same problem, we set out on developing a product to solve this issue. This was the birth of Chat Sports.

In 2011, along with co-founder Nick Cohen, we raised an angel funding round led by investors who wanted to be a part of being the first company to innovate how people consume and share sports stories online. In summer 2011, we launched a beta version of our product that delivered up to the minute stories from local newspapers, national news sources and the thousands of leading sports blogs to one website.

By consolidating thousands of news sources, we are able to uniquely deliver a personalized, comprehensive sports page to each user, saving them time and making their online sporting experience easier and more enjoyable.

October 2012 marked the end of our beta-phase and let the world see our vision for what a perfect sports page should be: A simple, beautiful interface, personalized a user’s favorite teams. What Pinterest has done for discovering and sharing images of your favorite products, Chat Sports has done for your sports teams. We deliver articles, video, polls and tweets from across the web to one page, personalized to the user, and allow you to easily share stories with your friends.

My goal when founding Chat Sports was to be the one sports website you went to morning, day and night because of the great user experience we provide you. If you have any feedback or want to discuss how we can improve, shoot me an email – james@chatsports.com or call me directly, I’d love to chat!

James Yoder CEO & Co-founder james@chatsports.com
415.545.8776 office
702.419.1684 cell phone

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