2012 MLB All Star Look-Alikes

The 2012 MLB All Star Game is set to begin Tuesday night. Fans from around the world will tune in to watch the best baseball players go against each other. The players that don't get selected to the game have the week off. If any players selected to the game wanted to join them, they could simply send their doppleganger to replace them at the game. Check out some of the players who could easily get the week off.


National League Team:

The Penguin is Tony La Russa, NL Manager






Prince William is Buster Poser, Catcher for the NL

(Just call him Buster POSER)







Kung Fu Panda is Pablo Sandoval, NL Third Baseman







Matt Damon is Chipper Jones, NL Reserve







Ben Feldman is Ryan Braun, NL Reserve







Matt Holliday is Lex Luther, NL Reserve







Nelly is Giancarlo Stanton, NL Reserve







Boss Elf is Stephen Strasburg, NL Pitcher







American League Team:

This Kid is Ron Washington, AL Manager







This Fan is Prince Fielder, AL First Baseman

(Literally, I think this is actually Prince Fielder catching a game from the stands)








Derek Jeter is The Situation, AL Shortstop







Cole Hauser is Josh Hamilton, AL Outfielder







This Kid is Jose Bautista, AL Outfielder






David Ortiz is Esther Rolle, AL Designated Hitter







Liam Hensworth (The Hunger Games) is Joe Mauer, AL Reserve







Confused Goat is Jered Weaver, AL Pitcher





CJ Wilson is Keith Stone, AL Pitcher