Yuri Wright's tweets are why Michigan stopped recruiting him

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Yuri Wright, the 4-star CB from New Jersey, was once though to be headed to Michigan in the 2012 class. Earlier this month, the Michigan coaching staff took a deeper look into the prospect after a concerned alumnus sent the school verbatim tweets that Yuri had posted on his Twitter account that were both racially and sexually unacceptable.

**Update 1/31/2012** Yuri Wright has verbally committed to attend Colorado and will sign a letter of intent on 2/1/2012

The Michigan coaches have made it clear what kind of behavior they expect out of every athlete they recruit. That behavior has a zero tolerance policy for the things that Wright has posted on his Twitter account in the past few months. I understand that he is a high school kid, but we all need to take into account that Twitter is public to anyone and Yuri sent these tweets out knowing that anyone in the world can read them at any time. So, for us to show them to your here by no means invades his privacy, and if you think that, you need to get in touch with our current society . . . this ain't the 60's anymore.

Seems to me that Michigan dodged a bullet on this one....

Below are some of the Tweets that resulted in Wright losing his chance to play at Michigan: (warning, contains explicit language and context)

Follow Yuri on Twitter - @YuriWright3 (**Update: Account has been deleted**)

Update 1/21/2012

Yuri Wright has been expelled from Don Bosco Prep

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