Vote Michigan for cover of EA Sports NCAA 2014 video game

Michigan fans, your team is getting beat in the fan vote for the cover of the EA Sports NCAA 2014 video game! And you know who is currently winning? Notre Dame! Every team in NCAA FBS football has a chance to be on the cover through this years fan vote, though EA hasn't said whether it would be a mascot, player, stadium or coach.

How can you help Michigan rise from its current spot at #7 (3rd best Big Ten team) to #1? Head over to Facebook and vote for Michigan HERE then share the vote on your Facebook page and ask all your friends to vote for Michigan.

Don't let Mante Te'o get the cover over Denard! Vote now.

Current Standings

1. Notre Dame

2. Oregon

3. LSU

4. Ohio State

5. Texas A&M

6. Nebraska

7. Michigan

8. Kansas State

9. Stanford

10. Penn State

11. Florida State

12. West Virginia

13. Florida

14. Kentucky

15. Clemson

16. Wisconsin

17. Alabama

18. TCU

19. Miami

20. Utah

21. Georgia

22. Oklahoma

23. Missouri

24. Oregon State

25. Georgia Tech