The 10 N-64 Games That Changed Your Life. It's Friday's Dean's List

Remember the Nintendo 64? How could you not. That and the Sega Genesis were the OGs of video game consoles. To this day, 17 years after it first came out, the N64 remains one of the most beloved consoles of all time. And today's Dean's List has a trip down memory lane of the most transcendent games the console has ever produced. Like this one.

To give you an idea of the playing field here, NBA Jam and Star Fox did NOT make the cut. Wow.

Also, check out this GIF or R.A. Dickey's knuckle ball:

That's funny. Scary funny. What eles is funny is the Blue Jay's rotation this weekend: Dickey, Wang, Johnson. *giggle*

Check out today's Dean's List for all that and more.

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- Dean Thompson

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