Signing Day Laughs From the Past Ahead of NSD

Even for college football recruiting freak like myself, National Signing Day is a bit much. Full disclosure, that will not stop me from giving 10-15 percent effort at work tomorrow while 17-18 year old's make decisions on where to get 45 credits worth of a general studies degree.

Outside of the completely unfounded enthusiasm that these 50% propositions offer college football fans, we're also likely to see some hilarity related to the college picking.  Personally, I'm all for whatever these recruits want to do to reveal their new school.  If you want to chainsaw a block of ice into your new school's logo at a 7 hour press conference, more power to you.  If you want to think ahead, breed a group of super-athletic hamsters, shave different school logos into their fur, have them run an obstacle course and choose your school based on which one completes the obstacle course first, I'd be very impressed and very entertained.

We're all enablers in this increasingly ridiculous charade.  As long as we keep tossing change in their jingling buckets (giving recruits attention), they'll keep shooting up inside the jungle gym on our kid's playgrounds (having elaborate press conferences).

With that said, it's time to look at some funny commitment press conferences of the past in preparation for what will likely be another ridiculous NSD.  Here's a few of my favorites

Andre Smith - Houndstooth Hat - Bear Bryant would be pleased, until he saw Andre without a shirt on. The Junction Boys would have been a lot shorter movie if Andre was involved, because he would have been dead by minute 14.

Dre Kirkpatrick  Translation - Fear not white people watching this video,  it's only racist if you're not racist.

Isaiah Crowell Brings a Prop - Thank god that adorable dog was wearing a Georgia sweater.  If it wasn't there is no telling how far Isaiah would have thrown it into the crowd.

Omar Bolden - I just feel bad for Mike Riley's staff.  I bet he thought he had a great chance at Omar Bolden and I bet he wept softly into his offensive coordinator's arms when that hat flew, unceremoniously, off the table

Lucas Thompson and the world's least interested baby of all-time - I wish I could be equally uninterested, baby.

Lateek Townsend stealing Lewis Johnson's job - If those are all his real brothers he has a large family.  If those arr his real brother's names I'm glad my mom didn't decide to get creative like his and simply named their Italian son Anthony.

And so I'm not accused of missing this gem, here's Landon Collins from the UA game a few weeks back. If you believe any of this and find the lady-piece over his right shoulder attractive, you know why mom's opinion didn't mean anything: