Report: 49ers Greg Roman To Be Named Michigan's New Offensive Coordinator

According to former Detroit radio personality Gregg Henson, 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman will be taking the same role at Michigan under Jim Harbaugh.

Henson has burst onto the scene in the past 3 months with his spot on reporting of the behind-the-scenes happenings inside the Michigan athletic department and accurately predicted that former AD Dave Brandon was going to get fired at the end of October.

Additionally, Henson was the first writer to claim to have sources close to Jim Harbaugh indicating that Harbaugh was interested in pursuing the Michigan job. So, he has gained a bit of credibility in our eyes and doubt he would report this without a tremendously strong source.

Who is Greg Roman?

Greg Roman is 42 years old and has been OC for the 49ers for the past 4 seasons. He graduated from John Carroll University in Ohio and has been coaching in the NFL or college for 20 seasons, minus a random season coaching high school football in 2008.

He was the co-OC at Stanford with Harbaugh in his last 2 seasons there in 2009-10, guiding back-to-back Heisman Trophy runner-ups in RB Toby Gerhart and QB Andrew Luck.

Prior to Stanford, Roman was an offensive assistant for the Ravens, Texans and Panthers dating back to the 1995 season.

What kind of offense does he run? Have a look at his 2010 offense under Andrew Luck below.