Michigan football rumors: Rumor mill heating up on injuries

Don't shoot the messenger here. My job as a writer for Chat Sports is to: 1. Report on the latest teams news, inside info and recruiting scoops. and 2. Report the existence of Michigan football rumors, verified or not, and attempt confirm or deny them from trusted sources. Lets just say that this article is focusing on the unverified rumors part of my role.

I stepped away from my computer over the weekend and didn't pay too much attention to my Chat Sports email account. When I came back to the keyboard today to consume my email, the over riding theme of the emails was as follows:

'Is Denard hurt'

'What have you heard about Denard injury?'

'Any truth to the rumors that Denard rolled his ankle?'

What are the sources of these rumors? I responded back to many of these emails looking for the source of this rumor and got back a few responses. It appears that some respected posters on multiple message board broke the news over the weekend and it has taken on a life of its own. The emailers tell me that the word is that Denard tweaked his ankle in practice and will be able to play, but will not be explosive running the ball.

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It is safe to say that no one, not even my closest sources, are revealing anything about the possibility of an injury to Denard Robinson. All I was told today from a source who traveled to New Orleans with the team was that Denard was going to start tomorrow, but wouldn't confirm or deny that the star QB had suffered a leg injury during practice.

IF these rumors are true, it would most likely mean a  steady does of RB Fitz Toussaint carrying the load and some quick passes from the shotgun to Jeremy Gallon, Vince Smith and Roy Roundtree. If I hear anything in the next 24 hours on this story, I will let everyone know on our Facebook page: ChatWolverines Facebook