Michigan State Community Relations Coalition Begs Student to Pledge NOT to Burn Couches

Well it looks like the self esteem of the East Lansing community has hit an all time low.

The Michigan State Community Coalition is begging students to NOT burn couches. Not only that, they are actually acknowledging the notion that Michigan State students are notorious for setting flames in victory of the fine upholstery of East Lansing. This is well documented as seen on Wikipedia.

If you know any friends who go or went to State who have problem with keeping their furniture from being on fire on their lawn, please send this flyer to them. Additionally, spare some time out of your busy schedules to post these flyers around East Lansing and let them know that their is help...

A few years back, Deadspin did a very humorous article on the likelihood of couches burning in East Lansing after the Spartans appearance in the 2009 NCAA Tournament Championship Game: Win or Lose, we BURN

Just remember, friends don't let friends go to State.


The cry for action from MSU: