Michigan AD Dave Brandon's Resignation To Delay A Brady Hoke Decision?

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Dave Brandon's resignation as the Michigan Wolverines' athletics director was hailed with a chorus of cheers from many of the program's loyal fans.

However, as Paul Myerberg of USA Today Sports points out, Brandon's departure could keep Brady Hoke on the sidelines for the Wolverines for the remainder of the year as the team searches for a new head of university athletics:

Brandon's resignation will help to placate a fan base nearly united in its call for a change in athletics-department leadership — but it also muddies the Wolverines' future coaching search, which, barring an unforeseeable run by this current team, should take place after the conclusion of the regular season.

Consider three important factors. One, the decision on Hoke's future now falls to an interim athletics director. Two, the university will be conducting two simultaneous searches, one for a new administrator and another for a new coach, that are not mutually exclusive — one is tied directly to the other, and one could make the case that hiring an athletics director takes precedence over a new face of the football program.

Myerberg argues that, until a new athletics director is hired, sought-after coaching hires such as Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles may not want to come to a program missing a leadership figure at the top of the athletics food chain.

Therefore, expect Michigan to go all-in on finding a new AD before they deal with Hoke and his current lame duck status as the team's head football coach.

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