How Was Anthony Davis' High School BBall Team This Terrible?

This is Anthony Davis in high school.  He looks like Robin Williams in that basketball scene in Jack.  I don't remember exactly whether Robin Williams and his simian hands reigned threes and dunk all over unsuspecting children, but Anthony Davis sure did.

(By the way, can you imagine the horror that you and the mother of your child would feel if you were in a Jack scenario.

Doctor: I'm so sorry, Mr. and Mrs SoandSo, your child has a rare and incurable disease that will cause him to grow at an unnaturally fast rate.

Parents: Well what does that mean? Is this fatal?

Doctor: No, it's not fatal, but unfortunately, that's not the only bad news.  Outside of his incredible growth rate, he will also look and act exactly like Robin Williams.

Parents: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After you've watch that video, explain to me how this is possible:

During his junior year, his family considered having him transfer to one of Chicago's basketball powerhouses, but Hyde Park Career Academyhead coach Donnie Kirksey, who knew Davis, Sr. well, advised against it saying "If you're good enough, they'll find you wherever you are."[3] Perspectives finished the season 8–15.[3]


8-15? You're Anthony F'ing Davis! 6'10 inches of dunking, blocking and dream shattering basketball machine and you're acting like a member of the Wizards.

I'm certain he was just learning to play within himself.  Let's see what he did his senior year:

Perspectives is a charter school that operates as a math and science academy with high academic pedigree, but minimal athletic success.[12][22] Despite Davis' individual prowess, Perspectives began the season with a 0–6 record.[23] He sat out one of those games with minor forearm and leg injuries.[24] It took a near quadruple double on December 15, 2010 against Benito Juarez Community Academy, when he posted 32 points, 21 rebounds, 11 assists and 9 blocked shotsfor the team to earn its first victory in its seventh game

Okay, that's an awful start to his senior year.  I'm sure beating Benito Juarez Academy awoke the best inside of him.  Here comes a state championship baby!

Despite losing approximately three-quarters of its regular season games, Perspective earned a Class 3A regional play-in game victory against Noble Street Charter High School in the Illinois High School Association state playoffs when Davis totaled 33 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 blocked shots and 4 steals.[28] However, after losing the subsequent regional semifinal game to King College Prep High School the team finished with a 6–19 record.

In sum, you have a guy that averaged 32, 22 and 7 blocks that won a grand total of 14 games in 2 years of high school basketball.  I understand Prospectives is a small school with a great academic reputation, but as such, they tend to play other small schools with great academic reputations. Did the gentleman (Cortez Hale, according to his school's site) on the far left do the worst coaching job in the history of college basketball? In making this statement do you have to exclude ever season Flip Saunders has coached, just to make it an attainable accomplishment? Did he even attempt to run the Picket Fence?

It's absolutely astonishing that such a dominant player could play on such an awful basketball team.  It reminds me a lot of what Corey Magette is doing for Charlotte this year.  Wasted talent on an unprecented level.