Dick Vitale poses with woman with an amazing RAT TAIL haircut

Dick Vitale tweeted out a picture of him posing for a photo with some female fans over the weekend at a Bridgestone golf event at

Disney in Florida. What a nice guy, always willing to stop and chat with fans... well, his generosity with fans may have delivered us a picture of the most unintentionally amazing haircut in American history.

To call the haircut of the woman pictured with Vitale a 'Davy Crockett' do is an understatement. This woman has a spitting image of Crockett coonskin cap as seen to the right. On first glance, you almost wonder if the woman is wearing a Crockett cap... but given that no one is wearing a coat, that doesn't make sense, does it? No, no it doesn't. We can only wonder what her friends (pictured) told her when she asked "how do you like my haircut?"

Enjoy and please email/tweet/facebook to all your friends.

Dicky V and the gals...


Overly excited to have a coonskin cap as hair


A zoom in of the coonskin hair


Oh, dear lord.