Detroit Pistons' Brandon Knight Jumps into Stands, Spills Gatorade on Self, Encapsulate Pistons' Season

For the Detroit fans out there, who still love Pistons' basketball, even though it doesn't love them...

The 17-32 Detroit Pistons took on the 11-38 Washington Wizard tonight.  The score at halftime was 35-30 Wizards.  This is definitely a top 5 "I wouldn't go if you gave me courtside seats and in-the-popcorn book hj"  game for this season. I might have woken up from 3rd to 4th quater nap for this play though:

In a single game and even though he didn't save the ball, Brandon Knight equaled the combined effort of every Piston from 2009-2012. Tayshaun Prince had a myocardial infarction watching this from the bench. It's very a propros that for Brandon's effort, every single gatorade in the gatorade holder was spilled all over him. It's a lesson for the kids at home: If you want to stay dry, remember not to try. Brandon's effort may have inspired Rodney Stuckey, who hit the go ahead bucket for a 99-97 win.  It's likely he just couldn't stomach the though of going to overtime and having to play an additional 5 minutes.

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