Detroit Pistons' Brandon Knight Jumps into Stands, Spills Gatorade on Self, Encapsulate Pistons' Season

By Anthony Guerreso | Mar 27, 2012

For the Detroit fans out there, who still love Pistons’ basketball, even though it doesn’t love them…

The 17-32 Detroit Pistons took on the 11-38 Washington Wizard tonight.  The score at halftime was 35-30 Wizards.  This is definitely a top 5 “I wouldn’t go if you gave me courtside seats and in-the-popcorn book hj”  game for this season. I might have woken up from 3rd to 4th quater nap for this play though:

In a single game and even though he didn’t save the ball, Brandon Knight equaled the combined effort of every Piston from 2009-2012. Tayshaun Prince had a myocardial infarction watching this from the bench. It’s very a propros that for Brandon’s effort, every single gatorade in the gatorade holder was spilled all over him. It’s a lesson for the kids at home: If you want to stay dry, remember not to try. Brandon’s effort may have inspired Rodney Stuckey, who hit the go ahead bucket for a 99-97 win.  It’s likely he just couldn’t stomach the though of going to overtime and having to play an additional 5 minutes.

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