Denard Robinson's Twitter hacked! (and now recovered!)

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Michigan superstar quarterback Denard Robinson joined Twitter a few weeks back under the handle @DenardX, which instantly made news on ESPN, and local Detroit newspapers. Denard had previously stated in 2010 that he didn't use Twitter and didn't plan to, so it was big news to have him join.

[caption id="attachment_992" align="alignright" width="319" caption="Change your password, Shoelace"][/caption]

About 40 minutes ago, we found out why maybe he should have avoided the micro-blogging network all together.

Someone claiming to be his ex (or random hookup who thought she was more) hacked his Twitter account and began talking some serious trash about the Heisman candidate.

The QB has more than 27,000 followers, all who were witness to a down and out young lady trying to prove a point (not the best way to win your man  back, sweetie).

Some excerpts:

"You are nothing but a liar and a manipulator and I hope "they" don't think otherwise. What's done in the dark will ALWAYS come to light."

"You WILL reap what you sew. and honestly, I can care less who sees this because you don't give a DAMN whether you hurt me or not..."

"To all his followers, I wouldn't expect u to understand. I can be this & I can be that, but even your idol knows the truth..."

"@LOVETeeKayOh stop being a follower sweetie, you've been doing that since he was messing around with Ashley."

All together, 9 tweets were sent out of similar nature before the account was deleted, the, magically reappeared with the above tweets deleted a few minutes later.

The first tweet post-hack recovery is as follows:



"This page has been recovered by @HelloImCourtnee. You're in safe hands now baby. That's Courtnee's Stand :)"

Screen shot of the mayhem below: