Breaking: Michigan football player - "Coach Hoke has lost the team"

In an exclusive discussion with a current backup player on the Michigan football program on condition of anonymity, we have learned that Brady Hoke has lost the confidence of the Michigan football team and that the Wolverines head coach nearly broke down emotionally following the 24-21 loss to Iowa on Saturday.

"Man, everybody thinks he is getting fired, and we keep hearing how a bunch of younger guys aren't feeling it at Michigan and are probably leaving the team after this year. Nobody on this team thinks we are going to win vs. the Bucks, I just hope we don't lose by 30."

When asked directly is Hoke has lost the team:

"Yeah man, I don't know for sure, but I think he has. I love the dude, he's the coolest coach I ever had, but man, ain't nobody think we got a chance to beat OSU and nobody think that he is a real awesome coach or anything. Dude's want to win the BCS and that won't happen here.

"He was about to cry after Iowa, I feel bad. He do love Michigan and all, but, man, we have been getting worse every game and next year we lose Taylor Lewan, Gallon, Fitz, Schofield and a bunch of transfers, it is gonna be real bad next year too. We might only win 3-4 games."

Get ready folks.... Ohio State is going to drop 50 on us.

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