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Where does Evan Turner fit into the Celtics rotation?

CelticsBlog 58 min

This is not 2007. This is 2003.

Celtics Life 6 hours

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Evan Turner signs with the Celtics

CelticsZone 7 hours

Buckley: David Blatt brings world of experience to NBA

Boston Herald 7 hours

Turner, Celtics see upside in new deal

Boston Herald 7 hours

LeBron James begins tour of China

Boston Herald 8 hours

Video: Evan Turner - Welcome to Boston - 2014 Mix

Celtics Life 9 hours

A few details from the Celtics recent deals

CelticsBlog 9 hours

Fireworks: Celtics to Sign Evan Turner

Celtics Green 9 hours

Evan Turner set to sign with the Celtics

Celtics Today 10 hours

Loose ends in Humphries sign-and-trade 11 hours

Hornets F Williams returning to Tar Heel state

Boston Herald 13 hours

Rapid reaction: C's sign Evan Turner 13 hours

Sources: Evan Turner to join Celtics 14 hours

Witness: Sterling needs Clippers sale to pay debts

Boston Herald 14 hours

Report: Celtics Acquiring Small Forward Evan Turner 14 hours

Celtics will take a flyer on Evan Turner

Red's Army 14 hours

Suns announce signing of F Anthony Tolliver

Boston Herald 14 hours


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