Chat Sports Crush: 12 Stunning Photos of New York Super-Babe Dominique Rizzo

Sometimes, you see a photo and your jaw instantly drops in awe....that's how we felt when we saw Dominique Rizzo for the first time.

Dominique, 20, grew up in Morristown NJ, and says she likes watching baseball and hockey, and has always been a fan of the Yankees and Devils. In high school, she played lacrosse but admits she wasn't very good.

We first came across Dominique on Snapchat, and were not only impressed with her looks, but also her awesome we invited her to takeover the Chat Sports Snapchat account for a day.

Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 2, Dominique will take over our Snapchat account for the day (@chatsports) offering you a glimpse into her life, while also answering any sports questions you ask her on our account. What you need to do now is follow her on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram - you won't regret it.

Follow her!

Twitter: @nikarizz

Snapchat: @nikaaa

Instagram: @nikarizzz

Now....look at these JAW-Dropping photos of of September Crush, Dominque Rizzo


Now - go to our Snapchat NOW and check her out! @ChatSports

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