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NEW POLL ALERT: Auburn Inches Up

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After a weekend during which several teams ahead of Auburn took shots, the Tigers... didn’t move much at all. At least it’s in the right direction...

The Tigers check in at #11 in this week’s AP Poll, the second-highest ranked team in the SEC. Here’s the top ten:

  1. Duke (12-1)
  2. Michigan (15-0)
  3. Tennessee (12-1)
  4. Virginia (13-0)
  5. Gonzaga (14-2)
  6. Michigan State (13-2)
  7. Kansas (12-2)
  8. Texas Tech (13-1)
  9. Virginia Tech (13-1)
  10. Nevada (14-1)

Auburn’s just out of the top ten, but now ahead of Florida State, who lost to Virginia and slipped from #9 to #13, and nearly ahead of Nevada, who got drilled by New Mexico and dropped from #6 to #10.