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Chat Sports Journalism Program

The Chat Sports Journalism Program was created as a platform for aspiring sports writers to become the "voice of the fan" for their team. We’re looking for smart, passionate writers looking to showcase their writing skills for a larger audience.

Our 200+ writers have powered millions of page views, and some have been featured on Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports. Additionally, Chat Sports has been a launching pad for numerous writers' careers. Our alumni have landed prestigious writing gigs for companies like ESPN, Fox Sports, USA Today, the NBA, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the USTA.

As a writer on Chat Sports, some of the exciting opportunities you’ll have are:

  • Creating compelling, original content

    We’re looking for writers who can do more than write game analysis. Chat Sports writers profile top recruits, coordinate draft coverage, interview star players, analyze trade rumors, and cover breaking news.

  • Spearheading investigative assignments

    From time to time, we may ask you to report on a specific topic related to your team – it’s up to you to get the quotes and information that’ll make the story come together.

  • Maintaining site content

    In addition to your articles, Chat Sports features the best of the best content on your team from around the web. Blogs, local news & national sources are curated to create the web’s most comprehensive home for sports news. As a writer, you’ll be asked to monitor the quality of the featured content for the team(s) you cover.

  • Product Influence

    Here’s your chance to be an influencer in a growing startup. This is your product – If we can improve a feature or user process, let us know! We take care of the design and programming, and there’s no fussing with coding or color schemes for our writers.

  • Build a Following

    We will soon be introducing a feature to allow writers to build a following of Chat Sports members. As you increase your followers, you’ll have the opportunity to influence a larger audience of sports fans.

  • Obtaining Media Credentials

    Once you are a proven journalist, you’ll be given the opportunity to attend games as a member of the press (and eat some free food, too!).

Remember, we aren’t looking for average sports writers. We don’t want to put our readers to sleep with mind-numbing game summaries. At Chat Sports, our writers create entertaining, eye-popping articles filled with creativity, controversy and humor. If you wouldn’t share your work with your friends, it shouldn’t be published on Chat Sports.

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